Got a question about Beth Tweddle Gymnastics? Chances are we have covered it below!

What is included in my monthly fee?

With your Monthly Direct Debit , we provide;

- Your regular weekly lessons : 50 weeks / 45 weeks a year / 38 weeks (venue dependant) price band amended accordingly
- Up to 5 badge and certificate awards per year which your child will achieve on their journey
- Insurance for participation
- A message to your child from Beth on their birthday
- An invitation to compete outside of normal training once a year
- Access to your personal portal to track your child’s progress    

How do I change my direct debit date and/or details?


• Our payments are handled by Harlands and this is the name that will show on your bank account.
• To make any changes, you will need to contact Harlands directly on 01444 224 794 or send them an enquiry at: www.harlandsgroup.co.uk/members
• Harlands Opening Times: 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)1 97 0611√161 979 0611

How do I let you know that I will miss a class?

You can inform your teacher that you will miss your lesson via your online account. Simply click on the ‘more info’ arrow under ‘upcoming lessons’ and select the toggle next to the lesson date. This will automatically show ‘can’t attend’ on the register for your teacher to see.

Can I try a class before I book on to a weekly lesson?


YES, click here to find your nearest venue and book a free taster session with us


I attend one of your BTG Centres. Can I get changed at the venue?


Yes we do have accessible toilets to change at the venue but arriving gym-ready is desirable.


How do I secure my place after trying a free taster session?


Once you have completed your free taster session you can visit your online portal at www.bethtweddlegymnastics.co.uk/login where you will be given the option to “join the programme”. Remember your place is held until Midnight the day of your child’s taster session, after this we cannot guarantee that place will still be available.

Can I reschedule my lesson as one off?


Unfortunately we cannot reschedule lessons as we cannot guarantee that spaces will be available in other classes. However if you wish to permanently change the Day/Time of your scheduled lesson, you can do so by visiting your online portal here www.bethtweddlegymnastics.co.uk/login and clicking “More Info”

What does my child need to wear or bring to the lesson?


We provide all the equipment required; all your child needs to bring is a drink. Gymnasts are required to wear t-shirts and short/tracksuit bottoms/leggings. No bare midriffs. We ask that our gymnasts train in bare feet and have storage available to keep shoes and socks. Long hair should be tied up and no jewellery is permitted. Earrings must be removed and if they can't be removed, they need to be taped up.

How can I see my child’s progress?


If you log onto your personal portal account you can see your child’s progress, upcoming lessons and what skills they will be working on within their awards journey. When this hits 100% progress your child will then be awarded with their certificate and badge for that level either at their venue or personalised straight to your home address registered on your online account.

Do you provide lessons for children with medical conditions and/or additional support needs?


At Beth Tweddle Gymnastics we try to make our lessons as inclusive as possible. We want every child to have the opportunity to try gymnastics. Currently we do not offer lessons that are specific to disability, however if you make your support needs known when signing up, we will do everything we can to provide the best experience for your child. We offer a free taster session which will allow your child to come along and try out the sessions first: www.bethtweddlegymnastics.co.uk/taster-sessions

How do I cancel?



If you wish to cancel your membership with us, you can send your request via your online account with your 30 day notice period, which will come into effect from your next scheduled Direct Debit date. Click on the more info arrow and then at the bottom click on ‘cancel direct debit’ button. Fill out the form and this will send your request to us. A member of the team will be in touch to confirm when this has been actioned and when your last lesson will be.

How do I change my lesson?


You can change your lesson, only on a permanent basis, twice in a 3 month period. You can do this through your online account. Click on the more info arrow and then at the bottom click on change/day and time button to see what available classes we have and to select a new class. You can also follow the same process when you receive an email saying your child is ready for the next level, you chose the class the same way and it will automatically show the next level for you

Do you sell merchandise?


Yes, we provide high quality gymnastics apparel, designed especially for Beth Tweddle Gymnastics. These are available online and are sold in our Centres. 

Are you looking for a career in gymnastics?


That’s great! We aim to be the largest provider of gymnastics and the largest employer in the industry. We can provide you with all of the necessary qualifications in order to be the best recreational gymnastics coach in the UK. All you have to do is come with the passion to engage our gymnasts and drive to be the best version of yourself. If you have any enquiries, please email your CV and any relevant documents to Jenny.chapman@btgymnastics.co.uk1 97 0611√161 979 0611