5 ways exercise can help with back to school blues!

Back to early nights…
Are you dreading the word “bedtime” being met with a 20 minute tantrum and a lecture on why it's not fair parents get to stay up later? You're not alone!

Thankfully, there is a solution. It has been proven that regular exercise can put an end to sleepless nights, helping us drift off and improving the quality of our sleep. When tested, those that led active lifestyles also showed a reduced risk for developing sleep disorders, such as Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome.

…and even earlier mornings
We can't promise that you'll find your little one downstairs, uniform on and a bowl of porridge in front of them by the time you get up, but mornings can be much less of a struggle!

As mentioned above, by improving the quality of sleep, exercise allows us to feel fresher in the mornings. Getting them up and active now, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the block before breakfast, will make a big difference.

Get focused
In a world of Candy Crush and Pokémon Go, many children are now finding it harder than ever to stay focused between endless hours of converting fractions and understanding how a waterfall is formed. Studies show that regular exercise increases our ability to focus our attention, making children much more likely to concentrate until the final bell.  

The child becomes the student
Summer is a great time for families to get away from school and work and enjoy their time together, but this can often lead to children struggling once they’re back in the classroom.

Getting involved in a local team or club that requires them to follow a coach’s direction rather than a parent’s, can help children transition back into the student mentality they most likely left at school in July.

Team spirit
Another benefit of exercise, especially for young children, is the social aspect. Joining a team or a group lesson allows them to develop friendships, patience, empathy, teamwork, amongst many others.

For children that spend most of their holidays with family members or individual friends, going back to a class of 20 or so equally excitable youngsters can seem understandably daunting and group sport can be a great way to help them with this.

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