Got a question about Direct Debit? Chances are, we've covered it below!

Is Direct Debit the only way to pay for lessons?
Yes. We have listened to customer feedback and had a lot of requests for smaller payments to help manage fees. Direct Debit will allow customers to spread the cost of the fees and specify which date payment is taken each month to work around them. This will now be a monthly payment to cover lesson costs. *Please note, there will be an additional cost of 32p per transaction for this payment method.

Why can’t I pay the way I always have done?
Direct Debit allows us to have a simple rebooking process for all of our customers. There will be no more rebooking period as your place in lessons will be secured as long as your Direct Debit payments are up to date.

Why is my first payment bigger than my Direct Debit amount?
Your first payment is a ‘pro-rata’ payment that starts your lessons from the day you pay up until the date you select for your Direct Debit.

Can I choose when my payment is taken?
Yes. You can choose a day you wish for your Direct Debit payment to be taken.

Why am I paying over 12 months when the venue I attend closes for holidays?
This is to ensure that payments are kept smaller and spread evenly throughout the year. This will allow customers to budget far easier.

What happens if I have insufficient funds on my payment date?
If your payment fails, our Direct Debit company – Harlands – have an automatic charge of £25. However if you contact us or Harlands in advance to advise that there may be insufficient funds in your account on your chosen payment date, then we can support you with this and aim to stop the charge.

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics (formerly Total Gymnastics) customer service: 0161 979 0611
Harlands customer service: 01444 224 791

What happens if a session is cancelled?
If a planned session is cancelled, our main priority is to re-schedule the session. If it is not possible to do so, we will refund you the cost of the lessons cancelled.

How can I book the lessons?
Please enter your login details - if you don't remember your username and password, you can reset this using your email address, or email us at and we can send you a reminder.
Scroll to see your academies, review your child's award updates and previous award and payment history.
Please check all your contact details are up to date and manage any future bookings with us.

How can I pay for the lessons?
Lessons are primarily booked online and can be paid for by any major credit or debit card. We can also take phone payments.
Our exclusive payment method is Direct Debit.

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?
You can decide to cancel your Direct Debit agreement with us at any time, however, we require a 30 day notice period from your chosen payment date. Your Direct Debit agreement needs to be cancelled either through Beth Tweddle Gymnastics using your online account or with our Direct Debit provider, Harlands. If you cancel through your bank without letting us or Harlands know, it could be classed as a failed payment, and then you would be charged a £25 administration fee.

Can I pay for the lesson at the centre?
No. No cash or cheques are accepted at the centres. Please ensure that you pay before the lesson.

I can’t access my online account, why?
Ensure that you are entering the correct email and password that you registered with.

All usernames are set as the email address that you provide us with when you sign up. Passwords are case sensitive to ensure that you are entering the correct upper case/lower case combination.
You can access your online account at:

For further assistance, please contact our customer service team.


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