Your BTG Gym Stars journey

At Beth Tweddle Gymnastics we believe that being active should always be a fun and a positive experience that puts a big smile on your face. For children this means playing, spending time with friends, bonding with family members and learning some new skills along the way!

Our programmes are not just about finding the next budding Olympian, we want to make sure that every child who takes part in a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics session experiences the joy of movement in a fun and safe environment, developing new mental, physical, and social skills along the way.

All our programmes are written by Britain’s most successful female gymnast, Beth Tweddle, alongside a team of highly experienced expert coaches and tutors.


Let’s explore our programmes in more detail so you know what to expect on your child’s journey with Beth Tweddle Gymnastics:




Beth Tweddle Baby Stars (0-2years)

In their first 2 years, playing with your baby and exploring new movements and environments is an amazing way to get your baby moving and help to develop their new motor skills. It’s also great fun and a perfect way to spend some quality time together.

Did you know that playing isn’t all about strength…it takes just as much brain power as muscle power to learn new movements?
As well as learning skills such as sitting up, rolling over, and eventually walking, running, and jumping, play sessions also help to develop their social, language and problem-solving skills- and is one of the main ways they learn about the world!


Baby Stars is a unique baby movement class for babies aged 0-2yrs, which is centred around structured and fun active play to develop key physical movement and social skills, as well as providing some quality time for you and your baby to have fun together and meet other new parents!


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Beth Tweddle Gym Stars (2-7 years)

Children aged 2 - 7 on our programme will first work through our Beth Tweddle Gym Stars programme where they will learn the fundamental moves of the sport, have fun, make new friends, and achieve badges, certificates, and stickers on the way. The programme allows your child to learn basic balancing, rolling, and jumping moves as well as some key fitness and flexibility exercises that promote physical exercise in a positive, enjoyable way.

When you bring you child to a Gym Stars session you can expect them to have their own personal coach and work in a small group of no more than 10 gymnasts to 1 coach. The coaches will ensure that your child is grouped together with new friends at a similar level. This allows the coaches to learn more about the children on an individual basis and helps us ensure your child enjoys the session with children of their own age and ability level.

Children are initially entered into a class by age and will be then moved around the groups based on their ability as recommended by their personal coach.

Twinkle Stars: Age 2 – 3

• Bright Stars: Age 4 – 5 

• Shooting Stars: Age 6 – 7 


Reward and recognition

We understand that motivation and recognition is a key part to your child enjoying themselves in their gymnastics sessions, after all, who doesn’t love to get a new badge or award for their hard work?

Our awards scheme is the focus of our classes, allowing for skills and confidence to be developed in a safe, comfortable, and structured way. We have a range of awards and certificates for your child to achieve throughout their journey with us. We aim for our gymnasts to achieve one badge every 10-15 weeks and tick off one skill on their progress tracker per week!

Gym Stars badges and certificate

  • Fitness Award

           Gymnasts will pass this section when they have successfully taken part in the pulse raising, conditioning, and stretching exercises.

  • Sequence Award

            Gymnasts will pass these sections when they complete ‘Partner work’ and ‘sequence skills’.

  • Skills Award

            Gymnasts will be rewarded with this badge when they achieve 3 of the 5 skills from the rolling, jumping, travelling, using apparatus and balance categories for their group.

  • Stage Completed Badge and Certificate

            When the gymnasts have achieved the fitness award, the sequence award, and the skills award, they will receive a badge and certificate to showcase the final award they have completed their stage.



Our awards are not always related to ability, we also aim to recognise every child for their effort, social skills, and support of others. These include “Star Gymnast Award”, “Theme of the Month Award” and “Beth’s Value Award”.





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How will I know about my child’s progress?

We know that it can be hard to keep track of your child’s progress, especially if you share ‘drop off duties’ with your partner, grandparents, or friends. That’s why we have created a personal portal account that you can log into anytime to see your child’s progress, upcoming lessons, and the skills they will be working on within their awards journey. When your child achieves 100% progress on a particular stage, your child will then be awarded with their certificate and badge for that level. This will be presented to them at their venue or personalised straight to your home address.





No matter your child’s age, ability or even if they’ve ever tried gymnastics before, our programmes are specially designed to ensure your child experiences the joy of movement in a fun and safe environment, developing new mental, physical, and social skills along the way.

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