#Practice with Beth | Online Package


Practice with Beth Tweddle, Great Britain’s most success female gymnast of all time!

She will deliver an opportunity for your child to practice weekly, develop their progressive skills and refine their techniques. The virtual class for ages 8+ years is a fun and engaging weekly opportunity to practice the basics of gymnastics (no skills included, only progressions for them), explore Beth’s top tips and master the key fundamental movements of gymnastics.

• Improved strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement.
• Repetition not only refines these skills, improves techniques but also aids muscle memory
• Maintained healthy lifestyle.
• Impact training (plyometric training or jump training) can improve bone density in children.
• Improved mental skills such as concentration and problem solving.
• Enhanced discipline.
• Allows them to experience a fun and engaging activity in the comfort of your home.
• Improved confidence.
• Skills that are learnt progressively eliminate the fears of learning new skills in the future.
• Helps children put together sequences which helps with memory recall and movement patterns.

When it comes to gymnastics as with any other sport, learning the basic moves is critical for training. Since gymnastics is a sport of flexibility, strength, and agility, it's important to master the basics before moving forward to more complex moves but also to practice, revisit and refine as part of your weekly gymnastics routine. During Beth’s training, basic skills were included in all of her sessions to reinforce good technique.

More specifically, our sessions cover areas such as:
Technique, strength and conditioning, physical preparation, flexibility, agility, balancing, jumping, leaping, rotation and all in a fun and engaging way.

Please note: By purchasing this product, you agree that the participant is deemed to be fit and able to take part in the activity offered. If in doubt, it is your responsibility to seek advice from your GP or other medical practitioner before completing the sessions. You agree that you are aware of the element of risk involved and although our coaches will take precautions to prevent accidents, you understand that they may not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to your child.

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