Exploring the Fun Side of Beth Tweddle's Child-Friendly Programs


Former Olympic Gymnast, Beth Tweddle, has dedicated herself to creating engaging gymnastics programs for kids that captivate young minds, promote creativity, and encourage physical activity.

There’s no doubt that gymnastics classes provide incredible benefits for children such as improved physical fitness, mental resilience, and confidence. As parents, we greatly appreciate the value of these factors, but it’s something else that keeps youngsters coming back week after week… gymnastics is fun!

Once they discover how fun it can be, they’re incredibly eager to hit the gym floor every single week and that’s how we transform an activity into a passion.

Let’s dive into each of the classes we offer for the various age groups. From discovering a community of parents to connect with in your area to providing exceptionally fun gymnastics programs across a wide range of ages, our classes provide so much more than just an opportunity to get children moving.


Age-Appropriate Classes

Beth Tweddle gymnastics classes are designed to suit the needs of children of varying ages. That means tailoring sessions to suit the developmental needs of the child, but also focusing on the aspects that provide the most enjoyment.

And the element of fun isn’t just for the little ones! With an uplifting, supportive community, Beth Tweddle Gymnastics is a great place to connect with other parents. For younger classes you even join in on the classes, so you can share achievements and challenges with fellow parents and of course spend valuable bonding time with your child.



Beth Tweddle Baby Stars

Baby Stars is a unique baby movement class for babies aged 0 – 24 months and are full of excitement and healthy development for both you and your baby!

Our classes are designed to engage your little one's senses through a medley of active play, stimulating equipment, movement, learning, and exploration. You'll receive expert guidance on promoting your baby's movement skills through enjoyable and dynamic play, accompanied by tailor-made songs and music to encourage movements at every stage.

Our activities are flexible, allowing you to progress at your own pace and work with your baby's developmental stage. For fitness enthusiasts, there are optional activities tailored to be done together with your gym buddy, promoting posture and core muscle development.

With our experienced and passionate coaches, each session promises a guided journey in baby development. Top it off with a themed children's story time after every class for an extra touch of fun and bonding!



Beth Tweddle Gym Stars

For little ones aged 2-3, we have Twinkle Stars – a parent and child gymnastics class that's all about exploring the basics of movement. Parents actively participate, closely supervised by our qualified coaches, encouraging their child's early gymnastic advancement. Parents are at their happiest when they’re watching their little ones develop and interact with peers, and the young gymnasts themselves couldn’t be any happier!

Moving up to the 4-5 age group, we introduce Bright Stars – a structured gymnastics class where children gain independence from their parents.

In the 6-7 age bracket, it's all about Shooting Stars – another structured gymnastics session where children learn to take the lead independently. Our fun and friendly coaches guide them in honing key skills for gymnastic development using a variety of apparatus. This is the time when kids begin to develop friendships and have bundles of fun with new exercises and challenges.



Beth Tweddle Academy

For those aged 8+, there's the exciting option to progress into the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Academy. This is a truly exciting time for young gymnasts as they carry their friendships to new levels, learning to work together as part of a team and testing their physical boundaries in a safe environment.

This fun and structured two-hour long session is run by passionate qualified coaches and your gymnast can continue to achieve badges, awards, and stickers on the way.




Beth Tweddle Gymnastics sessions are fun for the whole family, all the while knowing that your little ones are learning a number of bonus skills such as strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline.

Finding activities that are fun, hold your children’s attention and provide a sense of wellbeing is a difficult task! Fortunately, Beth Tweddle Gymnastics can provide all this and more. 

So, if you’re looking for a new, fun-filled hobby for both you and your little one, try us for free at a taster session! Claim your free spot today