New School-New Term-New Hobbies! How gymnastics improves friendships

The start of a new school term marks a fresh beginning, an opportunity to make new friends and explore new hobbies.

Amongst the many activities available to children, gymnastics stands out for many reasons.

But most importantly, aside from promoting physical fitness, it also has the incredible ability to facilitate friendships.


Research shows that establishing friendships is an important development goal for children, especially those under the age of seven.

Friendships developed during the early school years enable young children to learn and experience skills associated with their cognitive, emotional and social development.


Involving your little one in gymnastics at the start of a new school year can help to forge, and significantly enhance, the bonds of friendship (and in many cases can help make a potentially worrisome time into a positive, fun time!).

Let’s find out why:

Shared learning and growth

When newcomers step into a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class, they immediately have something in common. Everyone is there to have fun and experience the joy of gymnastics.

As young children share experiences, learning things for the first time, and meeting children with similar interests, they offer mutual encouragement and share in each other’s triumphs! When things don’t go to plan, they learn from each other, support one another, and have fun in the process!

It’s all part of the holistic wellbeing process, getting up when you fall, and encouraging peers to do the same!

Overcoming challenges

Gymnastics is a lot more than doing handstands and gracefully walking the beam! It also helps children to build emotional resilience and confidence in overcoming mental and physical obstacles.

It is vital that young children are given opportunities to experience both empathy and encouragement in their early years. Regardless of which age group your child joins, friends in a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class are a valuable support network. Whether attempting something challenging or dealing with a temporary setback, the empathy and encouragement from fellow gymnasts creates a warm atmosphere where everyone feels valued and understood.

Celebrating achievements

Every small victory in gymnastics is a cause for celebration! Perhaps your little one just achieved their first handstand or cartwheel! Maybe they performed a brilliant landing or balanced on one leg for the first time! Whatever the accomplishment, there are lots of opportunity for children to share a sense of accomplishment that brings children closer and encourages close bonds.

The enthusiastic cheers and applause from classmates amplify the joy of personal developments making them even more meaningful and memorable.

And remember, during a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class, learning can be achieved as a team which is where achievements really can be celebrated collectively! (That takes us onto our next topic!)

Team spirit and collaboration

While you may envisage a gymnast performing a routine on their own, gymnastics is much more a team sport than you might originally think. Many Beth Tweddle Gymnastics sessions involve working in pairs or groups, supporting, communicating and working as a team to create a fun, healthy environment for growth!

Whether it’s learning a new routine or synchronising movements, small groups of children quickly learn to communicate effectively, value each other’s input and work together to complete the task. There’s nothing quite like achieving something with a teammate, and that’s where long-lasting friendships are born.

And if there’s a little bit of healthy competition from time to time, it really doesn’t matter if they come first, third or last! The joy is in competing and forming those friendships during the process.

Convinced to Try a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class?

Why not bring your little one along to a Beth Tweddle Gymnastics class? Recreational fun is a key element of our classes, with friendships and belonging at the very heart of what we do.

We delight in seeing newfound friends walking out of a class, hand in hand!

Watch your children have fun in physical movement classes as they learn the basic elements of gymnastics. Aside from meeting new people, they’re also getting a great workout and experimenting with a new and exciting sport.  

With a variety of classes to suit all age groups, our objective is to inspire a generation of youngsters with a captivating sport.

Take a look at free taster sessions near you and drop us a visit.

Alternatively, please get in touch to ask any questions.

And who knows, your little one might even find their BFF!