#Playtime with Beth | Online Package


This is a parent and child virtual class where parents take part and together they can explore the fundamental movements of gymnastics and encourage their child to develop their key physical movements through active play.

Playtime with Beth is a unique parent and child virtual movement class for children aged 2-3 years centred around:
• Active play to develop key physical movement
• Quality time for you and your child
• Having fun!

This package of 4 x 30-40 minute weekly virtual sessions includes:
• Fun activities developed by Beth Tweddle and her team to learn and develop through active play, movement, learning and exploring
• Bespoke songs and music to move along to the fun way
• Activities that enable you to work at your own/your child’s pace and stage of development

When it comes to exercise for young children, it’s all about making fitness fun. The animal, transport and action songs are just some examples of our great virtual resources that support your child as they use their imagination and unleash their inner creativity and improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. Why not join in and try it with your child? You'll get a workout too!

More specifically, our sessions cover skills such as:
Copying, rolling, following, exploring, balancing, flexibility, strength, jumping, traveling, co ordination and anything else that encourages moving and having fun!

Please note: By purchasing this product, you agree that the participant is deemed to be fit and able to take part in the activity offered. If in doubt, it is your responsibility to seek advice from your GP or other medical practitioner before completing the sessions. You agree that you are aware of the element of risk involved and although our coaches will take precautions to prevent accidents, you understand that they may not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to your child.

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